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Revolutionising Agriculture: How Farmdeals is Saving Time and Money for Farmers

In an industry where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, UK arable farmer Chris Hollingsworth's experience with Farmdeals' Urea collective deal is a testament to the innovative approach Farmdeals is bringing to agricultural purchasing. As a first-time user of Farmdeals' collective buying service, Chris was astounded by the exceptional value and convenience offered, highlighting the significant savings and streamlined process.

“In June, I tapped into Farmdeals Urea collective and was astounded to find the prices 14% lower than other suppliers - a significant saving in our farm business input costs.

I've previously relied on various buying groups in the past, but none have matched the cost-effectiveness that Farmdeals offers. The 14% cheaper rate really made a difference to our bottom line. The ordering and delivery process impressed me the most. It was incredibly easy and stress-free, which is a rarity inside farming”

Chris Hollingsworth's positive experience is a clear indication of how Farmdeals' collective deals are revolutionising the way farmers collaborate to enhance their buying power. By aggregating demand for essential supplies like fertiliser, Farmdeals is enabling farmers to negotiate better prices and terms from suppliers. This cooperative approach not only reduces costs but also fosters a sense of community and mutual support among farmers.

The process of participating in these collective deals is straightforward and accessible. Farmers can register for free via the Farmdeals website, a feature that ensures inclusivity

and encourages wide participation. By removing financial barriers to entry, Farmdeals opens the door for more farmers to benefit from collective bargaining power.

Currently, Farmdeals is running a new Urea collective deal, with over 16 varieties on offer, a timely initiative considering the critical role of Urea in farming operations. This deal promises to offer Urea at prices significantly lower than the market rate, addressing a major pain point for farmers - high input costs. The success of such deals not only helps in reducing expenses but also aids in improving the overall profitability and sustainability of farming practices.

Farmdeals is continuously expanding its range of products, responding dynamically to the evolving needs of the farming community. Recognising the diverse requirements of a modern sustainable agriculture, the platform is committed to broadening its selection to encompass a wide array of agricultural inputs and tools. This expansion is not just about adding more products; it's about providing a comprehensive solution to farmers, ensuring they have access to everything they need in one convenient place.

Farmdeals distinguishes itself in the agricultural buying sector with its unique approach: no membership fees, no minimum spend requirements, and no commitment. This approach makes agricultural supplies more accessible to all, enabling farmers of various sizes to leverage the advantages of collective or spot price purchasing without facing the financial hurdles typically linked to conventional buying groups.

For anyone wishing to join Farmdeals you can join at or via the Future Farm app in the app store.

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