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Fieldmargin make software which helps farmers manage their business; by making good-record keeping easy and attractive, they make it much easier to generate insights that help support better farming decisions. 

Fieldmargin originated from the frustrations of founder, Mark, with the outdated farming software that was available when he took over his family’s farming business in Hertfordshire, UK. With his background in software development he knew he could make something better.


As he and the team started looking at how things were done on the farm they noticed how all conversations revolved around a farm map. Whether planning rotations, talking about work or drawing on problem areas. That’s why the fieldmargin app has mapping and visual information at its core.


Since their start in 2014 they have been continually improving the app; adding features based on what their users, said they wanted and always prioritising keeping the app simple and easy to use.


Today, over 20,000 farmers around the world use fieldmargin to manage their business, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

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