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We are privileged to be working with a wide variety of well known brands within the UK Livestock Sector and are able to offer a large selection of products including:

Animal Health     Fertility Management     Consumables     Milk Powder     Minerals     Feed Supplements     Silage Additives

Slurry Additives      Bedding    


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If you would like to become a Farmdeals supplier and join us on our exciting journey, please do get in touch.


Tel: 01543 399777


Brightmaize Seeds Ltd

The agricultural world is evolving at an incredible speed. Faced with such a transformation, we aim to unite with farmers more than ever before to support them with high quality seeds and expert support and services.


Hypo Solutions Ltd

Hypochlorous HOCl is one of the most effective known biocides and is the same molecule produced by the human immune system to kill invasive organisms and fight infection. We supply bottled products and bespoke on-site production Hypo Solution technology which is effective for humans, animals, and environments.


NWF Agriculture Ltd

Covering the major dairy farming areas from Central Scotland all the way down the UK to Cornwall, our main business is the manufacture and supply of ruminant compound feeds and blends, supported by a comprehensive Trading Desk supplying a range of straights and speciality feeds, forage seeds and additives.


Bodens Group

In addition to the wood recycling business, Bodens Group added bedding to the company portfolio more than 50 years ago and today offers a range of high quality bedding derived from Virgin Soft Wood for equine, pigs, cattle, poultry and small animals.


Enviro Systems

EnviroSystems is a British family business which produces cutting-edge solutions for farmers, including recycled, hygienic livestock bedding and industry-leading slurry and silage inoculants.


Farm Vet Supplies

We are a UK based Veterinary practice and our team of vets have been providing farm veterinary services for over 30 years.
We endeavour to provide the best possible service to all our customers and supply medicines, animal care products and equipment at value for money prices.


Microbial Distribution

We are a young and growing company, specialising in marketing and promoting a range of specific biological products for Agricultural & Horticultural production. Our products are produced for specific end markets – where their use and intervention offers a cost benefit for our customers.


Daykin Partnership Ltd

Daykin Partnership has over 30 years of experience in agriculture, expertise in estate management, product development and logistics. We are experts in all aspects of dairy livestock management from early life nutrition through all aspects of feed, nutrition, productivity, yield and welfare.

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