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Crop protection

crop protection
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Farmdeals is working hard to bring UK farmers a respectable selection of products to help growers with their pesticide requirements. Key products, priced with transparency.

Herbicides     Fungicides    Insecticides     Molluscicides

Plant Growth Regulators      Adjuvants

Product Sanitisation 

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If you would like to become a Farmdeals supplier and join us on our exciting journey, please do get in touch.


Tel: 01543 399777

Crop protection seller

Farmdeals Ltd

Farmdeals Ltd supplies its own branded crop solution products. Our offerings include: Herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, product sanitisation solutions and adjuvants.

Crop protection seller

Interagro (UK) Ltd

As the UK’s leading adjuvant supplier and with a strong presence in Europe, we work in partnership with farmers, distributors, and experts within the agricultural industry to help protect crops across the globe from pests, weeds, diseases, and more recently, climate change, that impact the food we eat.

Crop protection seller

Hypo Solutions Ltd

Supplying stable hypochlorous HOCl for pathogen control with a 12 months shelf life. We supply bottled products and bespoke on-site production Hypo Solution technology which is effective for humans, animals, and environments.

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