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our partners

Farmdeals is now working closely with numerous fertiliser suppliers within the industry and we continue to attract new partners. We can now offer a large range of products across many areas of the UK including:

Nitrogen & Nitrogen Sulphur
Straights     Liquid Fertiliser     NPK Combinations
Starter Fertilisers     Biostimulants

Soil Conditioners


Your Company Name

If you would like to become a Farmdeals supplier and join us on our exciting journey, please do get in touch.


Tel: 01543 399777


Payne Crop Nutrition Ltd

Payne Crop Nutrition is locally owned and operated by long standing industry professionals who collectively have over 150 years of knowledge and experience in the crop nutrition industry. We have a strong belief in quality products and good old fashioned personal service to ensure your expectations are met.


Farmdeals Ltd

Farmdeals works with trusted suppliers to provide additional fertiliser options for your farm. We are able to provide hybrid rye, conventional and hybrid barley and conventional and hybrid oilseed rape.


Microbial Distribution

We are a young and growing company, specialising in marketing and promoting a range of specific biological products for Agricultural & Horticultural production. Our products are produced for specific end markets – where their use and intervention offers a cost benefit for our customers.


Timac Agro (UK) Ltd

TIMAC AGRO is a manufacturer specialising in soil, plant and animal nutrition/welfare. For more than 60 years, TIMAC AGRO a subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, has been constantly innovating to offer agronomic and animal nutrition/welfare solutions that improve agricultural performance in an environmentally-friendly way.


Bionature UK Ltd

Bionature is a UK based fertiliser company specialising in providing cutting edge, smart liquid fertiliser for growers of all crops across the UK. Here at Bionature we believe that providing smart nutrition to a crop in a “little and often” approach is the best way to maintain the health and help to realise all crops full potential.

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