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We are two years old and we want to give you £50

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

It's cashbaa'ck party time at Farmdeals

Starting today (03/10) and for this week only: Everybody who buys at least £1,000 worth of any product from us will get a fixed £50 wired into their baa'nk account. Below are the full terms

Just for one week - log into the marketplace or open the FutureFarm app on your phone...

Farmdeals Ltd £50 Anniversary Cashback Scheme Terms & Conditions.

The Promoter is Farmdeals Ltd, business address Hammerwich House, Farm Hall Lane, Hammerwich, Burntwood, WS7 0JP, United Kingdom

  1. Before you enter, please be aware that you must be at least 18 years of age and that you must be resident in the UK.

  2. The promotion is for a £50 cash rebate (“Cashback”) on any single or combined order of any product

  3. Cashback is available on any product shown on sale on Farmdeals, provided the product order is placed on or between 03/10/2022 and 09/10/2022.

  4. Orders taken after 09/10/22 are not eligible for Cashback.

  5. Only Product orders completed on Farmdeals and successfully delivered to you qualify for Cashback. Orders that are cancelled by yourself or the supplier, for whatever reason, are not eligible for Cashback.

  6. You must order at least £1,000 worth of any product. You may order more than one product, in order to reach the £1,000 order value, provided all orders are placed within the qualifying period.

  7. We will contact the provider you placed the order with, following delivery of the order. When the supplier confirms successful delivery of the order we will pay your Cashback within 5 business days.

  8. Upon confirmation, we will email you and ask you to supply us with banking account details so we can transfer the Cashback. Please understand that we cannot send Cashback if you do not supply us with bank account information.

  9. Farmdeals reserve the right to change the terms of the Rebate Scheme, including ending the Scheme early.

  10. Employees of Farmdeals are excluded from participating in this promotion.

  11. No communications will be entered into regarding this promotion.

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